MSNPlus 6.00

Yuna Software (Freeware)

MSNPlus is an incorrectly abbreviated form of Messenger Plus!, an adware add-on for Skype and Windows Live Messenger. It provides additional functionality to the aforementioned instant messaging clients by adding controls to the main interface. This application comes with the following features:

Chat logs –this feature lets users keep records of their conversations. This enables users to search, preview, and even print any chat log session. Chat logs are sorted by contact name and by date.
Animations –with this feature, users can send flash video animations to their contacts. Conversations can be enlivened with expressions.
Messenger Skins – users can download skins from the Messenger Plus! Website for use in their messenger. Users can also create their own basic skin. Users can also customize the look of their toolbox by selecting different styles and colors.
Custom Emotion Sounds – users can send prerecorded sound bites to their contacts. The sounds are transferred automatically (downloading is not necessary) and are played instantly.
Smartbar – this feature enables users to search the Internet, access desktop applications and games, and check their email, and connect to their social media accounts directly from the program.

With this add-on, users can also record their audio and video conversations for free. There are three levels of video recording quality available: Low, Medium, and High.