MSN Slide Max

CoolwareMax (Shareware)

MSN Slide Max is a program that creates visually appealing displays and animation for Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger. This is a tool that is designed to produce slideshows using pictures that may be found online. There is no need for another program since MSN Slide Max is also capable of downloading the images.  

After a cursory search for the images to be included in the display, the user of MSN Slide Max can proceed to editing the position, size, contrast, and brightness of the images. MSN Slide Max can automatically resize and edit photos to lessen the manual adjustments required.

This utility also allows for addition of key words, phrases or personal messages to the photos. This application can be used to set a status for every picture downloaded. The slideshows produced by MSN Slide Max presents changes in both image and text as intended by the creator of the display. When the image changes the status message also changes automatically. This program is very easy to use and does not require advanced knowledge of computers, programming, or slideshow creation. With this utility, the avid users of Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger can enjoy engaging animated visuals while chatting and exchanging photos and other files. MSN Slide Max is a program created by CoolwareMax.