MSN Recorder Max (Shareware)

MSN Recorder Max, developed by CoolwareMax, is an application that works in conjunction with a webcam installed in the user’s computer. With this application, users can record the webcam video of the person they are chatting with on MSN. In addition, the recorder can also capture the conversation of both parties on chat. This application not only works with the mSC chat applet but with the Windows Live Messenger program as well. This video recording application enables users to have a saved copy of any conversation that makes use of the computer’s webcam, whether it is built-in a laptop or netbook or as a separate hardware component connected to a desktop computer.

MSN Recorder Max records the videos in real time, which means that the application instantly saves a copy of the video call while it is happening. Users can set the format the video will be saved in, as well as the location of the saved video. Users can also select from recording the selected window only, the full screen, or only a selected region of the desktop to record. While on video chat, the user can simply click on the Record button to save a copy of the video or the whole conversation. The recorded videos have high-quality output but with a small file size.

With Microsoft’s replacement of the Windows Live Messenger with Skype, MSN Recorder Max is no longer supported. All of the contacts in the Live Messenger are automatically moved to Skype’s messaging service.