Micro-Star Int’l Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

MSI Battery Calibration is a utility application designed by MSI or Micro-Star International Electronics Corporation for its line of laptop and notebook computers. This application is used to check the status and performance of their laptop or notebook computer’s battery. MSI Battery Calibration is a portable application that works exclusively on laptop and notebook computers manufactured by MSI. This application works by scanning and monitoring the computer’s battery unit and displays information such as current battery power level, overall battery capacity, and battery condition. MSI Battery Calibration also informs users whether the battery has suffered damages from physical damage, or drains quickly due to improper charging. This application may work for the laptop or notebook computer’s stock battery, or in new battery units compatible for the computer. MSI Battery Calibration is capable of working as a background application that can be accessed easily from the desktop’s system tray. This application is also used to manage power-saving settings such as monitor backlight brightness and sleep mode timeout.

MSI Battery Calibration features a simple user interface that has two main parts. The first displays the current battery level (in percentage) and the overall battery life. The next part contains features used in monitoring battery charge, battery status, and rate of power consumption from different running programs and applications in the computer. MSI Battery Calibration also contains an options menu where users may configure the program’s different settings.