MSI Super Charger 1.2.012

MSI (Freeware)

The MSI Super Charger is a system utility developed by MSI and bundled with some of its motherboard products. MSI Super Charger allows users to charge their mobile devices through a computer’s special USB port called the Super Charger USB port. In most MSI motherboard versions with the MSI Super Charger function, the Super Charger port is shown as a red USB port. The function of the MSI Super Charger is to charge devices at a more efficient and faster time. Mobile devices can be phones, tablets, or even gaming devices. As long as they can be charged using the normal USB ports, the more they are compatible with the MSI Super Charger.

The MSI Super Charger works by revising the power supply mode of the Super Charger USB port. This will enable the Super Charger USB port to become more powerful. The MSI Super Charger automatically detects if there is a device connected to it. Once connected, the MSI Super Charger sends a signal to the power supply to initiate the charging functionality. It then automatically goes into Super Charger mode to charge the device in a more efficient manner. MSI Super Charger is software that is geared towards consumers who does their computing not just on their systems but also using their mobile devices. Thus, the need to stay powered and connected is paramount.