MSI EasyViewer

MSI (Bundled)

MSI EasyViewer is a photo and image management utility developed by MSI. It comes pre-installed on MSI laptops, systems, and devices. This program features support for several image file formats including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF, among others. This program has two different versions, depending on whether it is installed on a system or laptop, or when it is installed on a mobile device with touch screen capability.

MSI EasyViewer on a laptop or computer system features a dark gray and black user interface. It features a large preview window in the middle. This program also features a film strip at the bottom of the interface showing the other images or photos contained in the same folder or location. Images on the filmstrip are thumbnail versions of the real photos. The top right portion of the interface shows some function buttons like Add photos, Rotate Right, Rotate Left, and Flip. This program also features some customization options including Brightness and Contrast buttons. Users may also click on the Slideshow button to display all the images in the folder as a slideshow. Users may also choose to see the image in Full Screen or 100% zoom.

MSI EasyViewer installed on a mobile device features a selector window with floating images that can be rotated and moved around using the touch screen functionality. Function buttons are located on the right side of the black user interface.