Microsurvey (Shareware)

MicroSurvey CAD, otherwise known as MSCad is an integrated suite for all the functions a user will need. It is a complete suite of programs made for surveyors, engineers, contractors, and other professionals in the field that require any sort of CAD program. The program requires no modules or additional plugins, all that a user needs to have is included in the suite, packed and ready to use. There are several editions for the program. The developers did this so that they could tailor their software to suit the needs of all users.

The many editions of MicroSurvey Cad begin with the Basic edition. The Basic edition features only the most essential tools needed to create a plan. This edition is meant for the users who only need very minimal features from the suite. The Standard edition features all the core features of the Basic edition with an additional, fully functional CAD engine. The Premium edition packs everything from the Standard and Basic editions and throws in even more. It contains everything that a user will need to create advanced designs, and everything that a user expects to find in a Premium CAD software package. There is then the Ultimate edition with all the capabilities of the Premium Edition with an added advantage of having cloud point processing. And lastly, the Studio edition. The Studio edition contains all the features of all the editions and adds the capability to animate the designs.

New features in the 2014 edition of MSCad are:
• 2D Draw Mode
• Settings Migration Wizard
• Geospatial Data and Imagery
• Point Cloud Export
• Pentax Import
• Geodetic Point Identification
• Updated Coordinate System Engine