MRU-Blaster v1.5 1.5

Javacool Software LLC (Freeware)

The MRU-Blaster v1.5 was released on October 2002. This program deletes MRUs or Most Recently Used lists. When computers are used, the system generates a log of all activities. Everything from the files that have been opened to the pages that have been viewed is recorded. These are recorded in MRUs. These lists contain essential pieces of data that are best deleted after usage for the privacy of the user’s information and the security of the computer system. Unauthorized users who are able to access these bits of information can use said data to their advantage.

The user can configure the program to scan the computer system and locate all MRU lists. These lists can then be removed from the system manually or automatically. There is a scheduler that comes with this particular program, which automates the MRU cleanup process. The scheduler can be used to set time for the scanning and cleaning process as per the user's choice. The user can schedule the program to scan the entire system and also set a specific period between scans. Aside from this scanning and scheduling option, the user can also configure the program to scan specific locations or folders on the computer system to save time.