MRU-Blaster Scheduler

Javacool Software LLC (Freeware)

Javacool Software LLC released the MRU-Blaster program. This program was developed to  scan computer systems and clearing up their most recently used lists for better organization and more space. MRU lists on computer systems contain essential information that is best deleted after usage. Aside from pertinent system data, these lists also contain information on the locations of files. These lists can be found in computer registries.

The MRU-Blaster Scheduler helps users manage their MRU lists in a systematic manner. Users who access this type of information have the ability to identify which particular files have been opened. There are a number of ways to fortify system security regarding MRU lists, but this particular program enhances security and stability of said information, as well as the user’s system. The scheduling application allows its users to time the processes from scanning to clearing of data. These details and preferences can be configured into the system. The scheduler can be enabled when needed and disabled after the scanning and cleaning processes have been completed.

The interface of the MRU-Blaster Scheduler is simple. The user can choose how many minutes pass in between scans. Other settings like which folders to scan can also be configured into the application.