MRIcro medical image viewer 1.40 build 1

Chris Rorden (Freeware)

The MRIcro medical image viewer is a cross-platform application that allows medical practitioners to view still images saved in the widely used NIfTI file format. The program allows physicians to look at and analyze medical images of varying sources and modes. These include the ability to render three-dimensional ultrasound scans, magnetic resonance imaging snapshots, and Positron Emission Tomography snapshots, to name a few.

As a medical-oriented tool, the program can also be opened by users who wish to take a look at how the human anatomy works, as a result of its commercial availability that does not require licensees to meet certain requirements. Thus, medical students can also use the software application to observe details found within the human body, even without input from an external source. This is possible by gaining access to image files that come bundled with the software, which contain detailed cross sections of the human anatomy.

Many medical practitioners also use the default images included in the program to visualize hypothetical situations that may arise during surgery by analyzing the pictures and sample scans that the image viewer offers. Since the software requires extensive processing, it is recommended that the application is installed in desktop computers and portable laptops with midrange technical specifications and updated graphic cards to run smoothly.