Mr. Poster 1.0.7

2G TechWorks, Inc. (Shareware)

Mr. Poster is a simple program that allows users to print out posters of photos and images. The program has a wizard style interface that displays the three steps of creating a poster. Once the image is imported to the application, it is displayed on the main window. The left side of the window is where the steps and the different settings are located. Here are the steps for creating a poster using this application:

1. Choose poster size – The first step is to choose the size of the poster. Users can select the number of pages to use, as well as the size of the page and its orientation (portrait or landscape).
2. Choose image to use – The next step is to choose the image to be printed out. Users can click on the “Browse” button to select an image from the computer. A menu also displays different special effects that can be applied to the image before it is printed out. Additionally, there is a checkbox for stretching the image to fit poster size.
3. Print poster – The third step is to print the poster. Users can also choose to export the image as a PDF document. Users can print the page coordinates as well as the poster’s trim lines.