Microchip Technology Inc. (Proprietary)

MPLAB IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a program that contains tools used for developing embedded applications that employ Microchip’s PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers. This program runs as a 32-bit application on Microsoft Windows and contains a set of free software components used for application development, hardware emulation, as well as debugging. MPLAB IDE also features a unified graphical user interface (GUI) used for Microchip and other third-party applications and hardware development tools. This program supports both Assembly and C programming languages. Users can also access sample codes, tutorials, and drivers from the program website.

MPLAB IDE contains tools that enable users to write, debug, and optimize PICmicro MUC applications for various firmware product designs. This program contains a text editor, program simulator, and a project manager. These tools are used to assemble, compile, and link source codes, debug executable logic by observing the program flow in the simulator, and make timing measurements. In addition, MPLAB IDE allows users to program firmware using PICSTART PLUS or PRO MATE II. MPLAB IDE features a simple interface that contains two main parts: the Toolbars and the Work area. This program contains four toolbars that include the edit toolbar, debug toolbar, project toolbar, and user-defined toolbar. The toolbars contains various commands that enable users to perform routine tasks. Next part is the Work area where users can view their project.