Mp3nity 2.2 (Freeware)

MP3nity is an application used for organizing the tags of all of the user's audio files. This way, the user can properly categorize the files according to name, genre, and album. The program supports a variety of audio formats such as OGG, AAC, and MP3. The program also supports a variety of batch processing functions. One of these is the ability to edit tags simultaneously, which is useful especially if a tag is applicable for multiple files. The audio tracks can also be mass renamed.

MP3nity has the ability to find the songs' lyrics on the Internet. Also, by connecting to the Internet, the program can find the album covers of each song. The information regarding the album or the single can also be found. With all the songs displayed on the main pane, the user can create multiple playlists, which can be changed anytime. If the user has playlists from other media applications, the program has the ability to export them as well.

Another feature of MP3nity is CD ripping. This means the application can copy songs from a CD and save these on the computer. Tags can be auto-suggested if these songs don't have the proper tags. Users can also rename audio files according to their preference.