MP3Gain GUI 1.2.5

Snelg Enterprises (Freeware)

MP3Gain GUI is a program released by Snelg Enterprises in August 2010. This program enables users to adjust the quality of their MP3 audio files. MP3Gain GUI contains features used in normalizing MP3 audio by analyzing and changing its volume quality. With MP3Gain GUI, users can adjust the audio gain, modify the overall volume scale, and add and remove tags to MP3 audio files. Users can perform these actions to single MP3 tracks or per album. MP3Gain GUI is capable of normalizing audio levels without changing the overall audio quality of the user’s MP3 audio files. This means that the program does not decode then re-encode the MP3 audio files that result in digital generation loss. Users may utilize MP3Gain GUI to edit MP3 audio files saved in their local folders, or imported from optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs.

MP3Gain GUI features a simple user interface that contains three main parts. The first part contains the main control buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons include Add file(s), Add Folder, Track Analysis, Track Gain, Clear File(s), and Clear All. The next part is the file list where users can view their imported MP3 audio files. This section displays the file path, volume, clipping, track gain, etc. The last part shows the MP3 file normalization process as well as the overall progress bar. This section also contains buttons that allows users to cancel a task and exit the program.