mp3DirectCut 2.20

Martin Pesch (Freeware)

Mp3DirectCut is an editing program for audio files. It allows lossless audio editing as it does not decode or re-encode the audio files. It provides all basic audio editing functions like cut, paste, and equalize volume. All the changes can be previewed first. Apart from editing audio files, the program can also be used to record audio from the computer’s sound card. Audio can be recorded straight to mp3 format. All changes made to the audio files are done using frame manipulation. The sound waves are not altered.

Another feature of the application is silence detection. It divides long recordings into shorter files according to cue points. The cue points are plotted with the help of the pause detection. This can be used for audio tracks that have a long pause in between or a long silence at the beginning or at the end of the track. The Mp3DirectCut program is not capable of removing pops and hisses from audio tracks.

Other features of the Mp3DirectCut application are the following:
Layer 2 support (DVD/DVB audio)
Cue sheet support
Track splitting with filename and tag creation
Tag editor and tag keeping
High speed recorder

The program comes with a user manual and FAQs page.