Mp3 To All Conveter 1.37.1 (Freeware)

MP3 to All Converter is a versatile converter program that handles many different audio file formats. This application is capable of directing MP3 files directly into WMA. It is also capable of fast conversion of MP3 files into WAV. This converter also supports MP3 to MP3 resample as well as conversion of MP3 to OGG and many other file formats. This tool is an easy to use utility. The conversion process starts with one click.

This program is a useful application for people who create customs CDs. This is also handy for computer users who require more space on their hard drive for other files. Converting to other audio file formats increases the available space. With this application, music files occupy half the space but the sound quality is preserved. For instance, this program converts MP3 to OGG which is half the file size while converting to WMA reduces the file size by about 50%.

MP3 to All Converter is compatible with Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows 98SE, and Windows 98. This program is designed for users who have beginner level computing skills and does not require advanced computing knowledge for optimal use of its features.