MP3 to AIFF (Shareware)

MP3 to AIFF is an application for converting MP3 files into the AIFF format. Alternately, it can be used to convert AIFF files to MP3. Converting the files into MP3 allows the user to play the file with popular applications like Windows Media Player. Also, the file can be transferred and played on popular music devices. To convert a file, the user simply needs to load it through the file browser menu. This can be done by clicking the "Add MP3" button. The user then selects the MP3 file for conversion. The program supports batch processing. In this way, multiple files can be added into the interface simultaneously. After specifying the output folder, the application starts the conversion process. If there are multiple files on queue, they will be converted one by one.

MP3 to AIFF's user interface presents all the files that are on queue on the main pane. There are two tabs. One tab is dedicated to converting AIFF files to MP3. The second tab is for converting MP3 files to AIFF. While the conversion process is happening, the user has the option to delete unwanted files. The status of the conversion process can also be seen on the main interface.