MP3 Speed

Accmeware Corporation (Shareware)

MP3 Speed is an audio application developed by Accmeware Corporation and released on March 2012. The program enables users to decrease or increase the speed by which audio MP3 tracks play. The program is targeted towards MP3 podcasts or spoken words. This effectively lessens the amount of time taken in listening to audio podcasts. The program is able to do this by changing the pitch and/or tempo of the audio track. Users can choose to edit just the tempo but retaining the pitch, or editing both.

MP3 Speed graphical user interface features a clean and simplified theme. Users may add files using the browser button or using the Drag and Drop functionality. Users may also use the tree view pane in adding and browsing files. The program supports multiple selections and multiple processing.  The file queue window shows the selected audio tracks. It also shows the name, type, location, metadata, and other information corresponding to each track. The Options menu shows different configuration parameters including the pitch, tempo, speed value, and output directory. The program likewise offers encoder settings configuration. Parameters include channel mode, sample rate, and bits per second. However, users may choose to retain the default settings instead.  The program also offers audio management options including options to rename files, find and delete duplicates, and view audio file properties.