Mp3 Knife

VCS (Freeware)

Mp3 Knife is a tool that allows users to extract portions from mp3 files. This can be done in three simple steps. First, select the start point from the audio file. Next, select the end point. Afterwards, click on the ‘Save’ button and the extracted file will be saved in the computer’s hard drive. All the extracted files are saved in mp3 format.

The program’s user interface is simple and direct. All the buttons for doing tasks are present on the window. Also, there are no additional settings to configure so beginners can easily make use of the software. The ‘Clip Information’ in the window shows the begin position, end position, and the length of the extracted clip. The original bitrate of the mp3 file is maintained to ensure that the output is the same quality as the original file. Also, the extraction is done without compressing or decompressing the file. This makes the extraction take less time. Extracting a clip from an audio file can be done in just a few seconds.

Other features of the Mp3 Knife are the following:
• Support for long mp3 files
• Compatible with mobile phones that support mp3
• Simple user interface