Mp3 Editor For Free 7.5.1

MP3EditorForFree LTD (Shareware)

MP3 Editor for Free is an application primarily used for editing music files in MP3 format. To use the program, a file is first uploaded into the interface. This is possible through the file browser menu. It can also be uploaded through the program's drag-and-drop interface. Music files can either be on the computer or another means of storage. These files can also be still on a compact disc or a portable device, like a USB or an external hard drive. Videos can also be loaded to the interface using the same procedure. When this is done, the audio is extracted from the video in MP3 format.

MP3 Editor for Free's main feature is specifying and editing the program's properties. For example, a variety of audio effects can be added or altered. For example, the audio track can be set to fade in at the start of the track and then fade out before the song is finished. The song's pitch and key can be altered. Also, video playback can be made faster or slowed down. The program also has the ability to split the audio file into parts. In this way, only the preferred part of the audio is retained.