Mp3 Cutter Plus 1.0

A Software Plus (Freeware)

Mp3 Cutter Plus is a tool for cutting mp3 music files to shorter lengths. The output file still has the same quality as the original mp3 file. It can be used for creating ringtones from long audio files. The application has a simple user-interface that novice computer users will be able to use. Cutting an mp3 file can be done in just five steps:

1. Choose a file to cut – Click on the ‘Open’ button located at the bottom part of the window. Choose a song from the computer’s hard drive to open in with Mp3 Cutter Plus.
2. Mark the starting position – Input the start position by providing the timestamp under the ‘Mark Start’ button. Afterwards, click on ‘Mark Start’.
3. Mark the ending position – The next step is to mark the ending position. Input the end timestamp and click on ‘Mark End’.
4. Preview the clip – Users can preview the selected clip by clicking on the ‘Play Selected’ button. The length of the output clip is also displayed.
5. Save the file – Once the user is done with the selected clip, the ‘Save’ button may be clicked to save a copy of the shortened audio file to the computer’s hard drive.