MP3 Converter 30.0

Pianosoft (Freeware)

MP3 Converter is an audio file conversion tool specifically developed to convert MP3 files into other audio file formats. MP3 Converter is developed by Multimedia and released on November 2012. Converting from MP3 to other file formats enables users to play the file on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and portable players. This software supports MP3 conversion to WMA, MP4, WAV, and AVI. This program also features an integrated MP3 player, which enables users to preview the MP3 file to be converted.

The MP3 Converter graphical user interface features a simple dialog box with the banner for the program shown at the top portion of the interface. There is an input box that enables users to select the file path for the chosen MP3 file. Users may also click the Browse button to open a local folder and select the MP3 file from there. Users may then select the desired conversion output file format by clicking the corresponding toggle button. To initiate the conversion process, the user can click the Convert button located on the left portion of the interface. The integrated media player is located below the Convert button. The media player functions like the Windows Media player with the Play, Stop, Next, and Back buttons at the bottom. There is also a volume control slider and mute button.