MozillaCookiesView 1.41

NirSoft (Freeware)

MozillaCookiesView can be used as an alternative to the Cookie Manager application that comes with Mozilla and Netscape browsers. It enables the user to browse through cookies and reveal their details in a single interface. It also allows the user to save the list in HTML, XML, or a text file. It can also back up or restore the cookies and delete unwanted cookies. The user does not need to install it or add DLLs for it, as it will work straightaway. The user just needs to copy mzcv.exe, an executable file, to a folder selected by same.

Here are some of the features of MozillaCookiesView:

• For those who have more than one user profile on their browsers, cookies can be viewed according to profile by initiating the Select User Profile option.
• Users can use the Select Cookies File/Folder option and select the cookies manually if the software fails to detect the cookies file automatically.
• Users have the option to save or delete the cookie files efficiently.

MozillaCookiesView can detect the cookies (cookies.txt) created by any Mozilla or Netscape browser. However, older versions of these browsers may require access to and use of the Select Cookies File/Folder manual option.