Mozilla Thunderbird Portable 18.0 beta 1 (Freeware)

Mozilla Thunderbird Portable is the portable version of the Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla Thunderbird is an email client application used to create, read, and compose emails directly from the desktop. Using this program, users can read emails even if there is no Internet connection. It also features tools that can detect junk mails. If it detects it as a junk mail, it will automatically be forwarded to the spam folder. The program also offers security features such as message encryption, S/MIME, and digital signing. It also supports IMAP/POP, labels, HTML mails, smart address book and more. Extending Thunderbird’s functionalities is also possible with the use of extensions.

As a portable program, it does not require installation. It can be stored in an external device and can be used with all its functionalities in different computers at any time. Since it runs in a portable device, it does not make any changes on a computer’s registry as well. The program provides all the functionality offered by the non-portable Thunderbird version. It features a specialized launcher allowing users to access all the downloaded extensions even if it is used in different computers. This means that users no longer have to download and install the extensions over and over when switching to different desktops. Mozilla Thunderbird Portable also features selected optimizations that allow it to run on a portable device while extending that device’s lifespan. Aside from USB flash drive, it can also work on flash RAM cards, MP3 players and even on CDRW drive.