Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition 20.0.1 (Freeware)

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition is a portable web browser that can be saved in a USB thumb drive or an external device. Installing it on the computer is not required to run the browser. The program has all the features of Mozilla Firefox, too. It features tabbed browsing, which allows the user to open several websites at the same time using just one browser window. Switching between sites is done by clicking on a tab. There is also a search field integrated with the browser, eliminating the need to go to a search site before making a search.

It is also possible to save existing settings on the standard Mozilla Firefox browser to the portable edition. With this feature, users can use another computer and still have the same settings. On top of that, more user profiles (up to three) can be set up for the program. This is ideal when the external device is shared with another user. When downloading files, the portable edition shows a prompt asking the user where to save the file to be downloaded.

The application does not have a disk cache. This is to reduce the size that it takes up on the disk where it is stored. Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition does not leave any traces on the computer where the external device was connected.