MozBackup Portable (Open Source)

MozBackup Portable is a tool used for backing up information and settings from different programs, such as Netscape, Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox. The application is capable of saving contacts, history, saved bookmarks, extensions, and emails. The program has a simple user interface that does not need a configuration, so beginners will be able to use it with no problem. Aside from backing up profiles, the application can also be used for restoring them.

On the main user interface, users are given two options – backup a profile or restore a profile. Lists of the applications supported that are installed on the computer are listed as well. Users can select one of the applications before proceeding to the next step. On the next screen, users can select the items to be backed up. Users can also choose the backup location for the files. On the last screen, users can choose the list of things to backup. Some of them include history, bookmarks, address books, saved passwords, general settings, and many more. The application then backs up the selected files. The same process is used when restoring a profile. This program is portable and can run on different computers without the need for installing.