MozBackup 1.5 1.5.1

Pavel Cvrcek (Freeware)

MozBackup 1.5 is a utility developed to simplify the process of backing up information from web browsers. Development of the program started on February 2004. The application is capable for creating backups for emails, bookmarks, contacts, cache, passwords, history, and others. The software supports popular web browsers, such as SeaMonkey, Netscape Navigator, Thunderbird, and Mozilla Firefox. The web browser must be closed before starting the backup process. All the backups can also be password protected to prevent unauthorized users from accessing personal data and settings. All the backups are saved as a .pcv file. Users can also specify the location to save the backup file.

MozBackup 1.5 also offers two options: backup and restore. One of the strengths that this freeware possesses is its compatibility with almost all of the widely used search engines. The backup process allows a user to choose which profiles for which application are needed to be backed up or restored, as well as the specific details to be included. MozBackup also supports the command line function. This enables users to set the items from the web browser to be backed up. Additionally, users can set scheduled backups by making use of the Windows task scheduler.