Movies2iPhone 2.14

Olivier Ksikes (Freeware)

Movies2iphone, developed by Olivier Ksikes, is a tool that can convert video formats to make files compatible with Apple devices. Apple products can only play videos encoded in mp4 format. The program allows the conversion of video formats like DivX and mpeg to mp4. The program can be used to convert a single file. It can also convert multiple files. Selected files will be queued and converted one by one.

The program offers different options. The user can set the language to be used. The user needs to identify the device where the video will be played in. The user has to choose the movie that will be converted. The user also needs to set the output folder. The convert tab in the interface facilitates the action. The user is also given the following options while using the application:

• verify parameters before every conversion
• view the converted file format
• automatically shutdown the computer after conversion.

The program is free for non-commercial use. The resulting video can be played with iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. In addition, the devices are not required to be jailbroken to play the videos. The program also provides an option for movie translations. It also utilizes the MP4Box to create subtitles for converted movies.