Move Me

Spearit Software, Inc. (Shareware)

Move Me is an application for migrating programs and files from an old computer to a new one. This includes the migration of system and registry settings as well. When moving the components to a new computer, all the files will remain in the old computer. The application can be used by novice computer users, as it has a wizard interface that will guide users through the migration process. It supports different ways of transferring files including transfers through an external storage device, parallel ports, or a USB cable. The application must be installed in both the new and old computer in order for it to work.

Move Me can also be used when transferring files to and from one partition to another. This can be done as long as the method of transfer is accessible to the two partitions that will be used for transferring the files. The software does not support moving of unnecessary files, such as contents of the Recycle Bin, various system files, and the web browser’s history.

Other features of the Move Me program are the following:

• different methods of transfer available
• has advanced options for more experienced computer users
• simple and intuitive interface