Movavi Video Editor

Movavi (Shareware)

Movavi Video Editor is used for creating movies and editing videos. The application is designed so that creating a movie can be done in three simple steps. It has a simple and intuitive interface that can be used even by novice computer users. The program supports 2D and 3D videos. It also comes with a number of filters and effects that can be applied to the video. The first step is to add videos to the application’s library. The videos can be added from the computer’s hard drive, from a DVD, or from a webcam. The second step is to add the video files to be used on the timeline. The videos can be dragged and arranged according to how the user wants them to appear in the video. The third step is to add the effects, filters, and transitions.

Movavi Video Editor’s interface is divided into three sections. The lower part of the window displays the timeline where the videos are added in sequence. The upper left side of the window shows a player where the user can preview the project, while the upper right side shows the different tools (Import, Edit, Export, Media, Effects, Titles, and Transitions). Finished projects can be shared directly to the user’s Facebook or YouTube account. The project can also be burned on a DVD or saved as a 3D video.