Mouse without Borders

Microsoft (Freeware)

Mouse without Borders is desktop utility program developed by Microsoft. This application allows users to control and manage up to four computers using a single keyboard and mouse. This makes it possible to transfer files and folders between the connected computers via drag-and-drop.

After installation, the program offers a setup wizard that enables the user to link the computers. Once done, it offers a single interface for controlling all the program’s functions. Users can use any of the connected computers as the master machine. The program’s interface offers three main category settings – Machine Setup, IP Mappings, and Other Options.

Under the Machine Setup, the user can manage the network used by the connected computers. It also displays the Security Key that is used to connect the computers. The IP Mappings setting is used for manually entering the mappings. This is used when problems occurred when connecting several machines. The Other Options setting provides several configuration options that allow users to configure and customize how the keyboard and mouse functions. For the mouse, users can choose to wrap the mouse, draw mouse cursor, share clipboard, validate remote machine IP address, use key mappings, and more. For the keyboard settings, the program offers keyboard shortcuts options for switching between the computers, showing settings form, reconnecting to other computers, customizing screen capture, and others.