Mouse Robot (Shareware)

Mouse Robot is a versatile tool used in macros recording for the purpose of automating Windows-based programs. Mouse Robot is quick and easy to use and produces outcomes with a high level of clarity. This is a convenient utility that effectively performs its intended function, which is to modify recorded mouse macros.

This program is the creation of and has the capability to automate any task. The recorded macros are then executed reliably and quickly. With Mouse Robot, the recording can be made either step by step or automatically.

This mouse macro recorder proposes a simpler method of automation. In this approach, the mouse recorder gives the user the opportunity to specify automated actions. There is no need to learn new and complex programming or complex commands. The user also need not wait for macros development or incur expenses hiring a programmer or IT specialist to perform the tasks.

Mouse Robot is a low-cost means mouse recorder that has many advantages, including 1) fast results, 2) better control, 3) advanced window recognition, and 4) more flexibility. All these result in the accurate automation of objects. Mouse Robot also adds graphics and detailed comments. All these functionalities can be implemented by the user without advanced programming knowledge and experience.