Mouse Recorder Pro 2

Nemex (Freeware)

Mouse Recorder Pro 2, or MRP2, is a keyboard and mouse recording program particularly designed to capture the computer’s keyboard and mouse input. This enables the program to repeat the recorded series of actions without the user interacting with the computer. This means that repetitive keyboard and mouse tasks no longer have to be done manually. The program will repeat the exact movements with a click of a button.

The program’s main interface provides five main buttons for starting a new project, recording, playing, saving and loading a script. Aside from these basic actions, there’s also the “Advanced Settings” window that provides different configuration options for tweaking the program’s usage. The Advanced window provides an option to edit the number of times a script will be played. There’s also an option to change the script playing speed. There’s also the main Settings window that can be used for changing the program’s general settings.

MRP2 comes with a hidden toolbar, which pops out from the top of the computer’s screen. This toolbar can be used to access the program’s basic actions without having to open the main window. The program also includes two utilities – MRP Calendar and MRP Editor. The MRP Calendar is used for setting a specific time to play a certain script while the MRP Editor is used for editing the saved scripts. The Editor provides different set of tools for editing scripts such as merging two saved scripts, removing comments, adding comments, editing a word/sentence and more.