Taleworlds Entertainment (Proprietary)

Mount & Blade is a video game developed by TaleWorlds and was officially released in 2008. This video game features a role-playing action genre where players control a character and guides that character in interacting with the game environment. In role-playing games, the player can allow the character to perform actions such as talking with in-game characters, purchasing items, enter structures, and perform combat actions. Role playing games also provide a level up system where characters increase their level by acquiring experience by defeating enemies and completing missions. Leveling up allows the character to increase their stat points therefore enhancing their combat capability. Mount & Blade features non-linear gameplay where players are free to choose how they approach the game's objectives.

Mount & Blade is set in the medieval land called Caldria where players can join one of five battling factions. These factions are the five kingdoms: Swadia, Rhodoks, Vaegirs, Nords, Khanate. Each has their own monarchs and vassals. Players may choose to fight as a mercenary, become an outlaw, or take a neutral side. The player can customize a character by choosing the gender and facial features. In addition, the player also gets to answer a series of multiple-choice questions that will determine the character’s initial attributes. The character is controlled by point-and-click action allowing it to attack enemies or explore various areas in the map.

Mount & Blade has four areas where battles take place: One is the open map where two hostile factions may meet, in tournaments held in town arenas, in siege battles where players get to attack or defend a fortification, or in settlements after an event is triggered.