Mount Image Pro

GetData Pty Ltd (Shareware)

Classified as a computer forensics tool, Mount Image Pro is a utility designed to conduct forensics investigations. Mount Image Pro is a utility that lets users mount image discs. The user interface facilitates easy usage of the utility because it follows an intuitive design. This program supports various formats such as Smart Images, ISO, RAW, and Acronis True Image. This program allows for the addition of RAID and connection to remote devices using TCP/IP.

Users of this program can mount an image device or file by specifying the following parameters: sector size, access mode, and drive letter (logical vs. physical images). The main window of this utility presents a display of all the mounted images. The following set of data is provided: file name, partition, number of files, file system, and label among others. With this program, users can view a lot of relevant information on the image file selected. This utility comes with a help file to help beginners.

Mount Image Pro also allows for image viewing without mounting. This program is also designed to mount automatically on system startup, create a log file, displays logical drives by preference, and many other functions. Mount Image Pro is a program developed by GetData Pty Ltd. It is compatible with Linux EXT2 and EXT3 and HPFS.