woodward (Shareware)

motoTunes is a calibration and display tool in one that is intended for Woodward MotoHawk modules. The two main functions of motoTunes are for the programming and calibration. This utility is meant for users that need a tool that can accomplish day-to-day calibration activities.

One of the highlights of this program is the data visualization and graphing tools. This application is easy to use mainly because of the user interface that is laid out like a spreadsheet. This intuitive interface gives the user convenient access to ROM and RAM parameters which are ensconced in the ECU or electronic control unit.

The main features of this utility are the following:
• Creation of calibrations
• Development of displays
• Simultaneous communication with a couple of controllers
• Logging and strip charting

Other key features of this program are the full interactive diagnostics function and the find function. motoTunes also provides all users with a helpful online help system. This program is also capable of flashing production. This utility can facilitate simultaneous connections to a number of ECUs. This tool is also capable of supporting multiple applications which are connected to a single ECU.

motoTunes presents all measurement parameters and calibrations in engineering units. The shortcut keys may be configured based in the user’s preference. The user can also configure display parameters such as font, border, and color. Offset capability is another configurable parameter.