Motion Perfect

Trio Motion Technology Ltd (Freeware)

Motion Perfect is a programming tool best used with TrioBASIC, which Trio Motion Technology Ltd -- with the help of the latest technologies from Microsoft -- has developed. It is compatible with TrioBASIC in solving application problems. The main objective of this program is to provide tools for diagnostics, setting up configurations, monitoring, as well as commissioning with the help of range of motion coordinators.
Motion Perfect includes features and functionalities such as Structured Text (ST), Sequential Flow Chart (SFC), Functional Block Diagram (FBD), and Ladder Diagram (LD). The new features that make Motion Perfect more compatible for the use of a variety of technologies are:
• Three modes to connect to Motion Coordinator: Tool, Direct, Synchronous
• Window docking for greater flexibility
• Program editor allows for better breakpoint handling and comes with auto commenting
• Intuitive display and data viewers
• Improved axis parameter display and multiple-controller support

These features make it easier to users to execute the functions as well. Motion Perfect also has fully integrated HMI support that allows the user to create a graphical interface. This integration allows the fields to link with any type of system. In relation to this, there are more parameters in the list for an expanded range of available data for analysis.