Motion Man 1.0

Blink Solution (Open Source)

Motion Man is a video conversion application developed by Blink Solution. It can be used to convert video files between different video formats including avi, mov, vob, mpeg, flv, and more. The program is specifically designed for both novice and advanced users. It offers both advanced conversion options while providing a straightforward interface. The program’s interface also provides detailed information about files being converted such as Size, FPS, Time, Resolution, VCodec, VBitrate, and more.

Aside from being a video converter, Motion Man also includes a built-in burner specifically designed for burning audio files in wav format to CDs. Users can also offers a built-in media player with standard playback controls. This media player can be used to play added video files. However, its primary purpose is to verify audio quality, required FPS, and other important attributes of the file being converted. Users can also convert multiple files at once. The program utilizes a multi-threading technique to ensure there are no lags when converting multiple files. 25 presets are available as well for both audio specific and video settings. This allows users to convert videos to audio, CreativeZen, Blackberry, MPEG, Nokia, PS3, and other platforms. Different device presets are available as well including Wav for CD, MP3, OGG, among others.