Motherboard Monitor 5

Alex van Kaam (Freeware)

Alex van Kaam developed the Motherboard Monitor 5 program. This program was initially released on January 1998. This particular version hit the market on September 2006. This computer program is a utility application for motherboards. What it does is provide the user with information regarding the status of the computer’s motherboard. Aside from this, it can also be used to identify the status of other hardware related to the motherboard. This program can be used to track and control various aspects of the system; such as voltage, fan speed, temperature, and other related elements.

The Motherboard Monitor 5 is also utilized as a computer sensor monitor. The interface contains various buttons. Several checkboxes and taskbar icons can also be found here. What these controls do is allow user readings of different types of motherboard-associated data. For the program to function properly, it needs to be configured to the specific make and model of the motherboard being utilized by its user. The necessary configurations can be inputted into the basic interface of the program. After this process is completed, the program can be launched automatically. The operation of the Motherboard Monitor starts with a general scan of the motherboard. For future reference, the program stores data over certain periods of time.