Mosaic Tomb of Mystery

Reflexive Entertainment (Shareware)

Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery is a mystery-puzzle game developed and published by the company, Reflexive Entertainment. It has an inlay-style format that resembles Tetris in that geometric blocks called “glyphs” fall from the top of the screen and the player must rotate them as well as move them from left to right before finally fall on the rest of the glyphs. A unique feature of this game is that it reveals a story whenever the player completes a glyph. Each story provides a clue regarding the age-old question of King Tutankhamon and his mysterious death. The game relates that King Tut’s father, Ankhenaten turned the Egyptian people against the deities, which is why they punished King Tut for his father’s sins. It also tells about the secret affair between King Tut’s wife and a royal servant.

At the end of each accomplished level, the player is promoted to a higher rank in Ancient Egyptian society. Other twists in the inlay game include Fold-outs, which enable the falling piece to expand before landing on the surface, the Obelisk, which rewards the player with free pieces, and Lightning Shapes, which instantly fill empty spaces in between two lightning shapes. Other features include the Crusher, which disposes of unwanted blocks, and power-ups named Falcons, Shape Wipeouts, and Snake Stompers.