Mortimer Beckett And The Crimson Thief

Paprikari (Proprietary)

Mortimer Beckett and The Crimson Thief is a hidden object adventure game that brings Mortimer and the player around the world. The search brings players to capital cities, including London, Paris, and Rio de Janeiro. Players are in for an exciting tour in order to find a number of stolen artifacts and items, which are necessary for solving complex puzzles. This game has a Premium Edition that offers players with an epilogue, new puzzles, and additional search scenes. The edition also features wallpapers and a Strategy Guide.

Mortimer Beckett and The Crimson Thief starts with an interesting story. Mortimer was reading the newspaper one day when he finds out that artifacts from private collections and museums have gone missing. The Crimson Thief is said to be the culprit, and the cops can’t do anything about it. Mortimer then decided that he had to do something, and so he decided that he will find the items and catch the Crimson Thief himself.

The player joins Mortimer in the exciting adventure, which involves him searching for whimsical items and putting together clues. In addition, Mortimer Beckett and The Crimson Thief also features mini-games that adds to the fun. This is a game that has a trial version downloadable for free as well as a full version that the public can avail as well.