Mortal kombat 5

Midway Games (Proprietary)

Mortal Kombat 5, also known as Deadly Alliance, is a game in the Mortal Kombat series developed by Midway. It is the first in the series to be produced for home consoles without a previous arcade. The story of the game focuses on the alliance between the sorcerers Shang Tung and Quan Chi and their plans to revive an ancient army in order to conquer not only the Earthrealm but the Outworld as well. Players select characters and fight with opponents using different moves.

Each character in the game has three individual fighting styles: one weapon style and two hand-to-hand styles. Exceptions to this are the characters Mokap and Blaze, who both have three hand-to-hand styles but without a weapon style. Characters have up to four special moves. Compared to the previous MK games, in Mortal Kombat 5 each character can perform just one Fatality.

One of the features of this game is the Konquest mode, which functions as a tutorial for each character and also expands the game’s storyline. In this mode, players go on a series of missions to complete, using each of the game’s characters. Players start out with the character named Sub-Zero and complete eight initial “kombat tasks” or objectives. Players then continue the quest with other characters.