Moraff's Maximum MahJongg

Global Star Software (Proprietary)

Moraff’s Maximum Mahjongg comprises four themed games, namely Moraff’s SphereJongg, Moraff’s RingJongg, Moraff’s MoreJongg, and Moraff’s 3D-Jongg. It started out as an online freeware game called MoraffWare. The original freeware version of the game did not contain the extras that were included in the CD version. Bonus content included additional tilesets and classical music.

Moraffs SphereJongg and Moraff’s RingJongg differ from traditional Mahjongg by featuring marbles and spheres instead of the conventional tiles.  In SphereJongg, the marbles and spheres have different textures, sizes, and shapes. The featured textures include wood and stone. Skill levels include easy, medium, and hard, and are available with similar attributes of background, sound, and music as Moraff’s 3D-Jongg.

The challenge is increased in RingJongg, in which the layouts are made in such a way that winning games can get difficult. The game features different layouts, backgrounds, sounds, and music selections. Moraff’s MoreJongg is the game package’s conventional tile matching game that has a picturesque Icelandic waterfall as its background. The 3D-Jongg game comes with tiles furnished in a marble motif and shadowed wood. In this game, one is required to match and discard three tiles at a time. It has 200 tile sets with great digital sound effects, and over 100 music selections to complement a selection of 50 backgrounds.