Fluendo Embedded (Freeware)

Moovida is media center software developed by Fluendo Embedded.  Not only does the application allow users to watch videos in wide range of formats without the need for additional software, it also lets them view movies in comfort on a wider screen by simply connecting their PCs to the TV.

Moovida offers several features that can make one’s video and audio collection into an attractive digital multimedia library. Using its online database, Moovida can add a movie’s cover art, synopsis, ratings, and other information to users’ files.  This not only makes searching easier, it also provides a more convenient and interesting way of choosing a media file to play.  It is powered by a 3D game engine, which makes its navigation screen more visually appealing.

Moreover, users who plug their PCs to their television sets by means of cables, HDMI, or VGA can navigate through the media library using a five-button remote control.  They can also find a movie in a collection by searching for its title, actor, director, year, or genre.

Furthermore, users can customize audio playlists based on their preferences, and the program can likewise generate playlists by category, such as artist, album, genre, etc.  It can even create backups for CDs and DVDs and catalogue them.