Moorhuhn Wanted

phenomedia publishing gmbh (Freeware)

Moorhuhn Wanted is a German casual game developed by Phenomedia Publishing and released on October 2006. It is part of the MoorHuhn game series by the same game developer. The Moorhuhn game franchise consists of more than 30 games all involving the same gameplay and game character. It was distributed as the Crazy Chicken in the United States and other English-speaking countries. It is a shooting game involving moorhens or swamp chickens. Cartoonish swamp chickens appear on screen and the objective is to shoot as many swamp chickens as possible in 1.5 minutes or 90 seconds. This game features a point-and-click gameplay interface.

Moorhuhn Wanted was originally created for the Nintendo DS and Personal Computers. It became the most popular game in Germany during the early 2000s. The game was originally intended not to be distributed, but instead played on laptops in small bars in Germany. The promoters wore hunters’ costumes to market the game to bar customers. However, the game was soon copied and distributed online. The developers were at first, irritated by this, however, this only served to drum up interest on the game. Thus, demand for the game increased and the developers decided to make the game available for free play online. Several installments followed after the original released and the game became a very popular game worldwide.