Moorhuhn Invasion

phenomedia publishing gmbh (Shareware)

Moorhuhn Invasion is a shooting game in which players target invading chickens. Players have ninety seconds to shoot alien chicken and flying saucers. The landscape also has hidden weapons that players must find and use. When players achieve a certain number of points (800) after 90 seconds, they can play a bonus level of 45 seconds. Players scroll left and right to find and shoot the alien chickens. They must be careful not to shoot the normal chickens.

In the game, players will encounter chickens riding UFOs. Shooting the UFOs can earn the player 5, 10, or 25 points, depending on the distance. For higher points, players can target the chickens in the UFOs—the farthest accurate shot can earn the player 50 points. There are also alien chickens garbed in suits holding a remote control. These chickens can disappear, so players have to be quick in shooting them. Players earn five points for every successful shot.

Apart from chickens, the game also features a cow. Players have to look out for this cow and take care not to shoot it. If the cow gets shot, the player loses ten points from the overall score. Players must also look out for the super weapon, a special gun that is able to shoot at the UFOs easily. Moorhuhn Invasion has two difficulty levels and a number of hidden extras that add to the gameplay.