Moorhuhn 1

Witan Entertainment BV (Shareware)

Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken) is a video game that was released in 1999. It is a casual shooter game wherein players must hunt for grouse under a time limit. Within 90 seconds, the hunter (player) must hunt as many grouse as he can before the time runs out. Killing grouse will earn points for the players. The amount of points will depend upon the number of grouse that are killed. Killing grouse can be done in a point-and-click interface.

Moorhuhn is not intended to be distributed commercially. The game is first available on laptops in bars. Promoters that dressed themselves as hunters own these laptops. It was pirated and began to spread on the Internet. The developer was initially disappointed. However, with favorable reviews from various gaming websites, demand for this chicken-shooter game grew. It was very popular in Germany and the German-speaking population in Europe.

Moorhuhn soon become known as Crazy Chicken in English. The game has already spawned multiple other games from a variety of genres. These new Crazy Chicken games include adventure games and sports games. Crazy Chicken has become a video game franchise. It is now available even on smartphones and other portable consoles such as the Nintendo DS.