EmTec Innovative Software (Shareware)

Developed by Emtec Innovative Software, Moony was created as an all-in-one, integrated ISDN program that provides users with all that they may require from an ISDN program. ISDN stands for Integrated Services for Digital Network. It is a collection of communication standards for the simultaneous transmission and reception of information. This information may be video, voice, data, and other services over the traditional public phone network. Moony was developed first and foremost as a call monitor for ISDN services.

The program boasts a host of features for its users. It shows the names and numbers for both incoming and outgoing calls. These are displayed in popup windows that are user customizable. The program displays whether or not the call is for voice, data, or fax and shows whether or not the call has been answered, missed, or is currently ringing. Call mapping is also a feature provided by the program. The user may program and color code certain names and items. The program also features a callback function that uses the Windows Phone Dialer.

Other powerful key features include:
• G3 Fax Receiver
• Multiple telephone answering machines (one per MSN)
• Answering machine supports voice mail or announcement only
• SMS Notifications when receiving fax