Moonphase 3.3 3.3

Henrik Tingstrom (Freeware)

Moonphase 3.3 is an astronomy program that displays the current moon phase as well as the phases of the moon on other days. With this application, users will be able to see what the phase of the moon is on any place in the world, and also what it will be on a specified date. Users can change the time zone and location in terms of latitude and longitude; they can also click on any location on the map and the program will display the different information pertaining to the moon phase, including the distance from the moon in kilometers, the time the moon rises and sets, and the time the sun rises and sets. It also shows the sun’s and the moon’s transit.

Moonphase 3.3 can also show users when would be the best time to fish, depending on the phase of the moon. The information is based on the fishing calendar derived from the Anglers’ Almanac. The application’s interface is represented by a standard window where all of the information about the moon’s phase is displayed. The left side shows the moon’s current phase as well as the dates when the moon will undergo its other phases. The interface also shows a calendar; users can see the phase of the moon on any day between the years 1600 and 2999.