Moon Tycoon

Unique Entertainment (Shareware)

Moon Tycoon is a building game that was first launched in 2001. In the game, players must build and develop a lunar city. It has three campaigns with each campaign having ten levels.

• First Campaign – In the first campaign, the planet earth is lacking energy resources and the only way to save it is to obtain an ore from the moon.
• Second Campaign – In the second campaign, the energy problem has been resolved. This campaign focuses on the different corporations battle against each other to dominate the moon.
• Third Campaign – The third campaign focuses on humanity’s attempt to colonize an asteroid belt.

These campaigns make up the entire storyline and they must be played in sequence. Moon Tycoon offers a tutorial mode that teaches users how to play the game. In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a sandbox mode wherein players have the freedom to choose the terrain, amount of money, and the asteroid or moon. Different disasters can happen in the game to make the gameplay more interesting. Some of them include an energy shockwave, moon quake, asteroid clash, power failure, and solar flares. Moon Tycoon is played in a three-dimensional environment with accompanying surround sound and special lighting effects.